“Nukkad ki chai!!” A fantasy for the new generation. Remember the times, you and your friends used to go on long rides and the only relief was the tea stall on the highway. Remember when you used to return from a tiring day and the only thing that gave us energy was tea. Tea or chai, has played many roles in our lives. Be it an energy booster or a companion in lonely night.

Now, what if our own tea, could provide employment to those who have lost their hope to have a living. Won’t it be something like heaven? Sure it will be.

This is an initiative by “Ekjaa foundation”. We are here to provide you with this stress releasing tea in a different manner. “Chaiwali”, a program running for the underprivileged women to empower them. You will bring a smile to her face and she will serve you with a smile.

Here at “Chaiwali” every women making tea has a story that can make you feel lucky not being at their place! But these challenges of their life are the source of this initiative to empower them and make them economically self-dependent.